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The Story

A talented but underachieving high school grad struggles to keep her punk band together the summer before everyone goes their separate ways.

The summer after graduating high school, JANIE still has no direction in her life other than to play punk rock. Problem is, change is looming, and Janie does not like change. Her best friends and bandmates are on the verge of moving away, and Janie tries to do everything she can to keep them together so they can face what life hurls at them together. When a rival band presents Janie with an opportunity to tour with them, Janie finds an opportunity that can not only make her music dreams come true, but keep her friends – and the band – together.


But when Janie meets disillusioned high school guidance counselor KATE at a show, the two form an odd friendship and find in each other a person they can actually confide in, be vulnerable with. Despite the age gap, they share the same loves, fears, and anxieties, and learn that the most rebellious, punk rock thing they can do is to take a chance and face those fears alone if they have to.

SCREW CITY is about people trying to better themselves despite their fear of change, disappointment, and failure. It’s about the underdog RISING ABOVE all the rotten eggs life throws at them to still live life on their own terms.

Screw City - Concept Reel
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